If an officer pulls you over in Georgia and arrests you for driving under the influence, he or she must give you a notice of administrative license suspension.

The administrative hearings are vital if a person facing a DUI conviction wishes to keep their driver’s license. Therefore, it is essential for anyone facing a DUI conviction to contact a McDonough administrative license suspension lawyer right away to discuss the details of their arrest. At our firm, the administrative license hearing representation is included in the representation on the separate but related criminal charge since the result of one hearing can influence the result of the other.

How an Attorney Could Help Prepare for an Administrative Hearing for License Suspension

Any person facing an administrative license suspension hearing and DUI conviction should hire an experienced lawyer in McDonough. A thorough investigation could lead to many possible outcomes after this type of arrest. Pleading guilty to a DUI and taking the suspended license is not always the only option. In fact, there is more than one option from which a driver can choose in many cases.

It is also crucial to remember that after a DUI arrest, the driver only has 30 days to request a hearing and appeal their driver’s license suspension. An attorney could request the hearing and take care of all the necessary paperwork and criminal court proceedings that follow.

Considerations During an Administrative License Suspension Hearing

When the driver attends an administrative hearing, there are specific details of the arrest, the court will consider. Those matters include:

  • The reason for the initial stop that led to the DUI arrest
  • Whether injuries or death occurred as a result of the incident
  • Whether the arresting officer read the correct implied consent rights during the arrest
  • Whether the driver refused a BAC test
  • If the arresting officer administered the BAC test, how high the BAC test registered
  • The age of the driver which will determine which implied consent notice shoud have been read
  • Whether the arresting officer administered sobriety tests correctly

An attorney in McDonough who has significant experience in administrative license suspension hearings could help someone prepare for this process and protect their driving privileges.

Ignition Interlock-Restricted License

Installing an Ignition Interlock and applying for a limited driving permit is an alternative to contesting the suspension through an administrative license appeal. According to Georgia law, drivers must file all necessary paperwork requesting that they choose to opt-in for an ignition interlock-restricted license after a DUI arrest within 30 days.

Without any previous DUI arrests, an individual may select this option and forego the loss of their driver’s license. The interlock will remain in their vehicle for one year. It is vital to note that the cost of an interlock restricted permit can cost about $4,000 in total to install and purchase. A lawyer in McDonough could help you decide whether you should appeal the license suspension or install the ignition interlock device.

Call a McDonough Administrative License Suspension Attorney

Understanding how the administrative license suspension process works is vital in protecting your driving privileges. It is essential to keep in mind that you do not have time for delay after a DUI arrest. Failure to act within 30 days will result in the loss of many of your driving rights and privileges.

If you face a hearing and DUI conviction, call an experienced McDonough administrative license suspension lawyer right away to get started on preparing your defense.

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