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If you were arrested and accused of a crime, you’re entitled to call a lawyer who will defend your legal rights. Similarly, if you were injured due to someone else’s actions, you have the right to hire an attorney to initiate a personal injury claim against the at-fault party. If either situation applies to you, come to Carl Chapman, P.C. for legal advice. We have spent years helping Georgia residents fight criminal charges and collect compensation for injuries, and we’re confident we can help you, too.

Whether you’re facing jail time or recovering from injuries, we understand that you’re going through a difficult time. We want to provide the peace of mind you deserve by explaining your legal options and ensuring you understand the recommended next steps. If you’re ready to talk about your case, contact Carl Chapman P.C., criminal defense & personal injury lawyer in Georgia, at 470-206-2169.

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What Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do for You?

If you were arrested for any reason in Georgia, you are likely facing serious penalties that could include fines and time in jail. Whether you know you’re innocent or believe there was a misunderstanding that led to your arrest, you’re going to need a lawyer to fight for you. After all, the police and prosecution team won’t give you the benefit of the doubt, so you need a legal professional to help tell your side of the story.

At our law firm, we have represented clients accused of all kinds of serious crimes, including theft, domestic violence, sex offenses, and more. We realize you are worried about the outcome of your case for good reason, so we’ll use our legal knowledge and trial experience to get you a better result than you could typically get on your own. Call our law firm as soon as you can after your arrest so we can begin crafting a strong defense immediately.

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Why Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer’s Help?

Sometimes a person’s carelessness can cause injuries to someone else. While it may be accidental, that doesn’t mean the injured victim should have to deal with the pain and medical bills alone. They can bring a personal injury claim against the at-fault party to get the compensation they deserve. If you’re the injured victim in this situation, you have rights, and our personal injury lawyer will use them to get the compensation you’re entitled to.

So, if you were injured in a car crash, slip and fall incident, or any other painful accident, we encourage you to come to us for help with your personal injury claim. We can decide how much money to request for damages, which may include medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and more. Contact our law offices to start your claim.

Meet The Attorney
Carl Chapman, P.C.

Carl Chapman is an experienced trial lawyer who handles criminal charges throughout Georgia. If you hire our law firm, then you will work directly with him every step of the way as we work toward getting you the best result possible.

Within two weeks of obtaining his license, Carl won his first trial as lead counsel and never looked back. Not all lawyers belong in a courtroom, but Carl thrives there. He has handled hundreds of cases and always shows up ready for trial.

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How Can You Find the Right Lawyer for Your Case?

Once you decide to hire a lawyer, your next step is selecting the right one. The first detail to consider is the practice area. Make sure the attorney you choose has handled plenty of cases similar to yours. Next, look at their reviews, taking note of what past clients say about them. You deserve legal help from a Georgia attorney who is known for being caring, answering client questions, and winning cases.

Carl Chapman P.C. has years of experience handling cases both inside and outside of the courtroom. So whether you expect your case to go to trial or get settled out of court, our legal team has the skills you need. Whether you’re facing drug charges or plan to sue someone who injured you, we will take on your case with confidence.

Why Choose Us

Our caring legal team will give you the personalized attention you deserve as you seek justice. We understand this is a difficult time for you and your family, and you likely have lots of questions. Expect us to provide the answers and support you need throughout your case.

We have experience in many practice areas, so we can take on a variety of cases with confidence. If you need legal assistance with your personal injury claim now and eventually need help fighting criminal charges, it will be a relief to be able to hire a law firm you’re already comfortable with.

Carl Chapman P.C. is an experienced trial lawyer, so if your case goes to court, you’re in good hands. Our team prepares every case for trial from the start, which means there will be no surprises if your legal case doesn’t settle out of court as most do.

Our lawyer is dedicated to ensuring open and honest communication while working on every case. We believe you have a right to always be aware of what’s going on with your case and what the next step is, so you can expect frequent updates and clear communication from start to finish.

We offer a free case evaluation that will allow you to speak with our team before deciding that you want our legal help with your case. During the initial meeting, we will listen patiently to what occurred and let you know the possible outcomes to expect.

We have several locations that make it possible for us to serve clients in different areas of Georgia. Whether you come to our law office in Cumming, McDonough, or Decatur, you can rest assured you’ll get quality legal support for your case at a location that’s near you.

What Should You Expect When You Meet with a Lawyer?

If you are interested in learning more about our legal services, we invite you to schedule a free case evaluation. When you get to our law office, you can expect to be greeted by our friendly, compassionate legal team, at which point a skilled lawyer will take the time to get to know all the details of your case.

Once we fully understand what occurred, we will let you know our recommendations for moving forward. If you’re facing criminal charges, we will explain the possible outcomes and defense options. If you need guidance on a personal injury claim, we will give you an idea of what compensation we believe you’re entitled to and an approximate amount to pursue. After you agree to an attorney-client relationship, we will get started on your case and schedule our next conversation, so you know what to expect as you pursue justice.

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If you are ready to find out what an experienced Georgia criminal defense and personal injury lawyer can do for you, contact us at your earliest convenience. Call our office at 470-206-2169 today to schedule a free case evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions
What compensation will I get for my personal injury claim?

If someone hurt you, it’s important to ensure you don’t have any out-of-pocket costs. This means you can expect to be compensated for any bills related to your medical care, property damage, and time off work. Your personal injury lawyer should also request compensation for future medical care, as well as money to help make up for your mental anguish and emotional distress. Our team will tell you what damages you’re entitled to once we review the details of your personal injury claim.

How can a criminal defense lawyer help me?

Many crimes in Georgia result in jail time, fines, and loss of certain privileges, such as driving. This is why it’s so important to hire a criminal defense attorney before you decide how to plead. When you have a lawyer defending you, there’s a chance your case will be dropped or charges reduced. This can help you avoid time in jail and other serious penalties, which can be nearly impossible to do on your own. So, if you want someone on your side who knows criminal law well, come to us for the defense you deserve.

What should I do after I’m arrested?

After being arrested, your first action should be to listen to the orders the police give so you don’t get more charges added for resisting arrest. Your next step should be to tell them you would like to remain silent until your lawyer is present. When you’re given the chance to make a phone call, contact our law firm to explain your situation and begin your criminal defense case. We’ve handled countless criminal cases in Georgia and pride ourselves on helping the accused retain their freedom whenever possible.

What is a premises liability case?

If you were injured on someone else’s property, you might have a premises liability case to pursue. This means the homeowner, retailer, property manager, or anyone else who owns or manages the property was at fault for your injuries. If you can prove there was a dangerous condition that they knew about or should have known about, you can usually collect compensation. For example, if you got hurt due to a broken step, missing handrail, or uneven sidewalk, you can bring a premises liability claim against the liable party. Our personal injury lawyer will review your case to determine if it makes sense to pursue it.

What is expungement?

If you have a criminal record, you should consider trying to get it expunged. This means you can seal or restrict your record so no one can see the crimes that have been expunged from it. Not all crimes qualify for expungement, as usually only misdemeanors and certain felonies are eligible. Violent crimes that victimized someone else, such as stalking or armed robbery, are not usually allowed to be expunged. However, if you were arrested but had charges dismissed or won your case, you can request expungement. Contact our criminal defense attorney to discuss your options for sealing your record.

Will my case go to trial?

Most cases are settled out of court, so you will likely not have to see a courtroom during your case. This is especially true if you’re making a personal injury claim since insurance companies typically agree to a settlement in order to avoid court. However, if they don’t settle, or if you’ve been charged with a serious criminal offense, you will need a lawyer with trial experience. Carl Chapman P.C. is an experienced trial attorney who can take your case to court with confidence, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands if your case doesn’t settle.

Should I pay my traffic ticket?

If you got a traffic ticket for speeding, reckless driving, or other offenses in Georgia, you should contact our law firm before paying the ticket. We can let you know if we see a strong defense angle for your situation or if just paying it would make the most sense. In many cases, it’s not just the fines you want to avoid but also the points that may go on your license, which can lead to license suspension. We can take a look at your driving record and traffic violations to determine the right move for you.

Should I hire a lawyer for my DUI in Georgia?

A DUI can lead to months in jail and thousands of dollars in fines, so it’s definitely worth it to consider fighting this charge. Even if there is proof of a high BAC, a criminal defense lawyer may be able to prove that the arresting officer made a mistake or ignored your legal rights after pulling you over. You may be surprised at the defense angles we can prove for a charge like this, so do not give up hope if you’re facing a DUI. We can help.

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