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5 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer

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The Law Office of Carl Chapman handles criminal charges in Cumming, McDonough, Decatur, and the surrounding areas of Georgia. Our firm works directly with clients to achieve their ideal results. We believe our passion for criminal defense and creed that every case is winnable sets us apart from other firms. Founder Attorney Carl Chapman thrives in the courtroom and has no hesitations about preparing for trial and fighting relentlessly for clients.

1. They Can Protect You From Life-Altering Criminal Charges.

The stakes are too high to take risks in criminal cases, and forgoing experienced legal counsel is undoubtedly a risk. Retaining a skilled criminal defense lawyer increases the potential reduction of your charges, lessening your penalties, or even dismissing your case. Those are the ultimate goals of a criminal lawyer who will fight to prevent a felony on your criminal record so that you will not have to face future repercussions on your career, family, and overall prosperity.

2. They Understand The Complex Legal System.

Navigating the legal system may seem simple on tv, but in reality, it is pretty involved. Criminal defense attorneys understand the judicial system and often have connections and relationships with prosecutors and judges that can be beneficial. When you hire a skilled criminal lawyer, you are ensuring that you have a legal advocate who comprehends the court’s intricate workings and how to protect you best.

3. They Can Prepare You For Court And All The Possible Outcomes.

Though experienced attorneys like Carl Chapman believe every case is winnable, criminal defense attorneys also understand the importance of relaying all possibilities to their clients. There is always the potential for an unideal conclusion in court, and your criminal defense attorney will outline the various outcomes. You will also be advised throughout the entire process and know your lawyer’s strategic opinion on your options.

Your lawyer will also prepare you for court so that you can be confident in your case and your contributions toward it. They have likely dealt with issues similar to yours, which can provide a sense of comfort. You are not alone in your legal battles!

4. They Will Ensure Your Rights Were Not And Are Not Violated.

From experience with various cases and situations dealing with the key players of our criminal justice system, from law enforcement to prosecutors to judges, criminal defense lawyers understand how people’s rights can be violated.

They can review your charges and case to determine whether your rights were violated at any point in time. They can protect you from specific prosecution tactics that may infringe upon your constitutional rights.

5. They Offer Support.

Last but certainly not least, your criminal defense lawyer will offer comfort and support through the relationship you develop with them. You will have them in your corner, and their expertise, communication, and reassurance will provide peace of mind throughout the legal process.

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If you’re looking for an attorney to protect your rights, fight for your best interest, and prepare your case for trial, reach out to us at the Office of Carl Chapman. Our firm services clients with honest and open communication because we believe that trust is the foundation of a productive and positive attorney-client relationship. This trust allows us to work harmoniously with clients and relieve many of the stressors that accompany criminal charges.

For more information about criminal defense or to book a free consultation, call us at 470-206-2169 or visit our website. We look forward to working with you!

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