Heaven Sent

I was recently in Fulton co jail feeling hopeless. That all changed when I walked in court and saw Mr Chapman. His confidence in himself made me confident. At the end of the hearing I was back with my family the same day. Looking forward to working with him on my case. He has been heaven sent.

Compassionate And Effective!

Carl was a compassionate, driven, brilliant lawyer who was able to get me the desired outcome for my situation. He was relentless in pursuing what was in my best interest! He will do that for you too! I would highly recommend him!

Supportive And Effective

Attorney Chapman was very supportive and effective in resolving me and my daughters battery case. He took the time out to listen to me and my daughter, answer our questions that we had, and he took the time out to fully analyze our case and produce the best arguments to aid in me and my daughter’s case. He was able to get me and my daughter’s case dismissed with his very strong arguments that he made. His technique to winning me and my daughter’s case was so good and effective to the point that another attorney that observed him during the case told him that she is going to use his method to win her cases similar to me and my daughter’s. Attorney Chapman is a wonderful, caring, and supportive individual and he is an amazing attorney! I would definitely recommend Attorney Chapman to anyone that is in need of a attorney that will try their very best to win your case!

The Best

Mr. Chapman was very professional and friendly. He was able to solve my case like no other attorney coulda have, he explained down to the detail about everything, how it went down and what would the outcome, and that was exactly how it happend. I am so grateful to God that I could find him and solve my criminal case were I came out clean and free. Thank you again Carl you are the best.

Highly Recommend!

I hired Carl Chapman to assist with my case. Not only did he get it reduced to reckless driving, I kept my license through the entire process. He’s definitely a great lawyer and I highly recommend!

Lifted A Lot Of Weight Off

A little over a year ago I was arrested for a drug related misdemeanor, super speeder, and a DUI. I thought everything was over and had no idea what I was going to do, until I found Carl Chapman. after calling a few lawyers with outrageous prices i called carl, and he got back to me immediately although the was in the midst of an emergency (and after hours). he gave me a rundown of what i needed to know about my case and how we could fight it and worked out a reasonable payment plan with me as i was a 19 year old paying everything on my own. I immediately knew i wanted to hire him and am so grateful. he was, and still is, always there to answer my questions. I spent less than a year on probation and he helped me get off with no dui on my record, no speeding ticket, and we pleaded guilty for my other charge. I paid less than the minimum court fines and got off easy thanks to him. I am so thankful for him as he was a great lawyer and lifted a lot of weight off my shoulders.

Peyton H.