Life Altering Legal Defense

If you’re looking for an attorney that will fight for your interests, you’ve found the right one. I can’t state enough how communicative, responsive, compassionate, and professional Carl is. My case ended up being a jury trial. The ADA wasn’t at all willing to budge an inch. No compromise. This guy was out for blood, but “not guilty” was the final verdict. It was definitely Carl’s well-constructed arguments and demeanor that won the day (and the Jury).

DUI Dropped and Very Compassionate

I can’t say enough about Mr Chapman and how much he has helped me. I have never in my life met a lawyer, from the first call I made & even after my case was over, that was so patient and kind to me. Even before the first penny was spent he took the time to ease my worries. Mr Chapman knows what he is talking about when it comes to the law, which impressed me right off the bat. Not only did he get my dui dropped down to reckless driving, he was very compassionate to other things in my personal life that were happening at the same time. It was also very refreshing to have a lawyer that was so young and knowledgeable, instead of someone older and not so hip to the times thank you so much Mr Chapman!!!!

No DUI on My Record

A little over a year ago I was arrested for a drug related misdemeanor, super speeder, and a DUI. I thought everything was over and had no idea what I was going to do, until I found Carl Chapman. after calling a few lawyers with outrageous prices i called carl, and he got back to me immediately although the was in the midst of an emergency (and after hours). he gave me a rundown of what i needed to know about my case and how we could fight it and worked out a reasonable payment plan with me as i was a 19 year old paying everything on my own. I immediately knew i wanted to hire him and am so grateful. he was, and still is, always there to answer my questions. I spent less than a year on probation and he helped me get off with no dui on my record, no speeding ticket, and we pleaded guilty for my other charge. I paid less than the minimum court fines and got off easy thanks to him. I am so thankful for him as he was a great lawyer and lifted a lot of weight off my shoulders.

Peyton H.
Can’t Thank This Firm Enough

I inquired the services of several attorneys after receiving a DUI with a CDL. Attorney Chapman was very reasonable in my mind I thought you get what you pay for but I can honestly say Attorney Chapman fought hard if not harder than the attorneys with higher prices. He always responded whenever I had a question about my case even if it was after hours he worked with me with my payments understanding I was out of work while dealing with this case, a humanitarian to say the least. He was able to get the desired results in both my license and criminal case (obstruction). I can now go back to work and provide for my kids. I hope to never be in need of his services again but if so I will definitely retain Attorney Chapman. I can’t thank this firm enough thank you and God bless!

Forever Grateful

I CANNOT say ENOUGH about Mr. Carl Chapman. The attention and professionalism he provided to me was beyond my expectations! From the beginning, I never felt like a client but rather someone he’d known personally. He made sure to explain things to me each step of the way. And whenever I had additional questions or concerns, he never hesitated to provide me with the answers I needed which provided me an enormous since of solace. In the end, not only was he able to acquire a dismissal but he also made sure the incident would never appear on my record. I am forever grateful to him for all his efforts… If you are looking for an attorney who will not just be an attorney but also someone who cares look no further than Carl.

True Sense of Confidence

The reason I retained Carl was I was passing through Georgia and stopped for speeding. charged for a day after refusing a blood test following a normal field sobriety test. I selected Carl to represent me because he had good reviews and after speaking with him I had felt I made the right call. My favorite thing about working with Carl was having a true sense of confidence through the entire process. The outcome of this case was that better than expected. Thanks to the firm, I’m relieved and know I made the right decision making the call.

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