Commercial truck drivers often drive thousands of miles on a weekly basis, and as the amount of time they spend on the road increases, so does the risk of them causing a traffic accident through fatigue, reckless driving, or a momentary loss of concentration. No matter what specifically causes a wreck like this, the consequences for the people involved can often be devastating.

Assistance from a qualified personal injury attorney could be essential to making the most of a civil claim following a collision with a commercial vehicle. By working with a McDonough truck accident lawyer, you could substantially improve your chances of recovering fair compensation while also complying with the various state laws governing cases of this nature.

Unique Elements Of Truck Accident Claims

To a significant extent, personal injury lawsuits and settlement demands stemming from truck accidents work the same way as claims based around other types of motor vehicle collisions. Either way, the legal theory of negligence is generally the foundation of a successful claim, meaning a plaintiff seeking compensation must prove that their named defendant’s violation of their duty of care directly caused the injuries and losses for which they are demanding compensation.

Still, semi-truck accident cases are often unique in that the driver is rarely the only defendant named in a comprehensive claim. Under the doctrine of respondeat superior, the companies that hire, train, and employ negligent truck drivers may be held vicariously liable for the consequences of their employee’s actions. Likewise, other third parties like negligent mechanics and suppliers may be named as defendants as well depending on the circumstances.

In addition, truck accident claims are often much more valuable in terms of recoverable compensation due to the extent and severity of injuries that victims tend to sustain. Following a truck accident, assistance from a knowledgeable McDonough attorney can be critical to effectively recovering for economic losses like car replacement costs and medical expenses, as well as for non-economic forms of harm such as bodily injury and emotional distress.

What Filing Deadlines Apply To Truck Crash Litigation?

Even if an injured party has extensive evidence that a reckless or careless truck driver or some other third party was directly responsible for the harm they experienced, they still may be unable to achieve financial recovery if they wait too long to start pursuing civil litigation. This is because of the statute of limitations, which is codified in O.C.G.A. § 9-3-33.

Under this statute, a prospective civil plaintiff has a maximum of two years after either sustaining or discovering that they sustained injury due to another person’s misconduct to file suit against the allegedly responsible party or parties. The importance of building a strong claim quickly is another reason why seeking help from a skilled lawyer in McDonough is something that those injured in a truck accident should do sooner rather than later.

Get In Touch With A Mcdonough Truck Accident Attorney

The aftermath of a traumatic wreck involving a commercial tractor-trailer can be immensely stressful even if you are fortunate enough to walk away with only minor injuries. If this kind of incident leads to more serious physical harm, pursuing comprehensive recovery through a personal injury claim could be key to protecting your future financial security and personal prospects.

Guidance from a McDonough truck accident lawyer could make all the difference in your chances of success. Call today to learn more.

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