Students charged with a crime face legal and academic consequences that can alter their life. Whether you or your child are in college or high school, there is potential to be expelled from school. An experienced McDonough student defense lawyer could help during this complex situation. A defense attorney from our firm could represent you in court and help with the disciplinary procedure at your school.

Consequences with the School

High school and college students accused of committing a crime face serious consequences from their schools or universities. Sanctions against a student may not only impact their present life, but their educational and professional opportunities in the future. It is important to note that a school may discipline a student for violations of their code of conduct that are committed outside of school hours or property.

High School Students

Georgia allows elementary and secondary schools to expel or suspend a student charged with a felony, according to The Official Code of Georgia §20-2-768. If a student faces punishment from their school, the student or their legal guardian may request a hearing.

In addition to expulsion or suspension, schools have the right to refuse admission to students involved with felony charges. If this occurs, the student may be forced to find a private school that will accept them or alternative educational settings approved by the school.

College Students

College students facing a felony charge face a wider array of consequences than high school students. A college student relies on the university for more daily necessities than a high school student does. Felony charges typically violate the school’s student conduct code, leading to a range of sanctions, including:

  • Loss of Scholarship
  • Academic Probation
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion

Disciplinary action could stay on the student’s record long after the completion of student sanctions. While some colleges and universities do not allow defense attorneys in McDonough to be present during academic disciplinary hearings, a legal professional could help a student avoid or minimize sanctions by helping them prepare their own statement.

Student Discipline Procedure

A student facing potential sanctions from their school faces an unknown disciplinary process. Student defense cases typically involve both the judicial system and student disciplinary hearings. A defense attorney with experience in school disciplinary procedures could make this process easier for a student in McDonough.

Generally, a school has a disciplinary board that examines the student’s case. Students facing sanctions have the right to appear before the committee and present an argument. Unfortunately, legal procedure does not apply to the disciplinary board, and they can dictate how the hearings go. Having an attorney could increase the chances of the board giving proper consideration to the student’s argument.

Hire a McDonough Student Defense Attorney

An experienced McDonough student defense lawyer has experience in both the courtroom and with school disciplinary boards. While you can handle the student disciplinary board without counsel, it is wise to have a lawyer advise you during this situation. A skilled defense attorney could interpret the school procedures and minimize the risks to a student’s future academic and professional career.

A legal professional could make the difference between the school expelling you or agreeing to let you stay. Furthermore, an experienced attorney could help prevent student sanctions from appearing on your record. If you are unsure how an attorney could help, schedule a consultation with one of our legal professionals today.

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