While some car accidents may result in minor fender benders, others can result in injuries that last a lifetime. Fortunately, in these situations, injured drivers may have legal options to recover compensation from the responsible party. A Greensboro car accident lawyer could help you take legal action if you were involved in a serious crash and need compensation to help pay for your losses.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys could provide legal advocacy throughout this process and handle any obstacles that might interfere with your case. Retaining a lawyer from our firm could be the difference between winning and losing your lawsuit.

Who Can Claim Damages Following a Car Accident?

Generally, anybody injured in a car accident from a defendant’s negligence can take legal action. This means that both the driver and any passengers may recover compensation from the at-fault party. If the defendant’s negligence results in a multi-car accident, all cars involved may recover from the defendant. For example, if the defendant rear-ends a vehicle and causes it to hit another vehicle or person in front of them, the third car occupants may sue this driver as well. A Greensboro attorney could help someone determine who may be liable following their car accident.

Loss of Consortium Claim

In some situations, the spouse of the injured party may bring a loss of consortium claim. If the hurt driver’s injuries impact their ability to continue their everyday life, the spouse’s life can be affected as well. As a result, the spouse may make a claim for damages in the claimant’s lawsuit. While a consortium claim for car accident injuries can be difficult to prove, our Greensboro attorneys have experience handling these cases. Loss of consortium covers the injured parties’ inability to:

  • Communicate and provide companionship
  • Provide affection and engage in sexual intercourse
  • Participate in social activities
  • Assist with childcare or other duties around the house
  • Provide care for their themselves that must now be provided by others

What to Expect During a Car Crash Lawsuit

Once an auto crash claim is filed, the discovery phase begins. During this time, the plaintiff must provide their medical records and anything else pertaining to the accident or the damages they claim. This may include work and salary information if there is a claim for lost wages.

Additionally, under state law, the plaintiff must submit to a deposition. This means that both plaintiff and defendant must answer questions from the other side regarding how the accident occurred. The plaintiff also must answer questions relating to their injuries and any other claims they are making.

Settlement or Trial

Once the discovery phase is over, the attorneys typically start negotiating a settlement. The claimant’s attorney must bring any offer the defendant makes to the plaintiff for approval or denial. If no settlement occurs, the lawsuit proceeds to the adjudication stage.

Adjudication of the lawsuit can occur in three ways: trial, arbitration, or mediation. Arbitration and mediation are both done outside of the courtroom, with a neutral third party controlling the proceedings. The outcome of both mediation and arbitration is non-binding in Georgia, meaning either party may dismiss the results and proceed to trial. An attorney in Greensboro could help someone through the legal process following a car accident.

Call a Greensboro Car Accident Attorney

You should seek an experienced legal professional to help recover for injuries caused by a car accident. Our Greensboro car accident lawyers have experience seeking damages for injured parties. A lawsuit can be complicated and overwhelming. You do not have to go through this process alone. To schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, call today.

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