When a person is charged or convicted of a criminal offense, it can have devastating consequences. From long-standing marks on a person’s criminal record to spending time in jail or paying a substantial fine, the penalties a person faces could be severe.

If you or someone you love were charged or convicted of committing a crime recently, seeking legal representation could be crucial to combating a conviction. For assistance with your case, contact a Greensboro criminal defense lawyer today.

Types of Criminal Defenses

When a person is charged with having allegedly committed a crime, there are several arguments that can be made in their defense that may alleviate or lessen the penalties they would otherwise face. Some examples of common defenses to a criminal charge include:

• Intoxication
• Mistake of fact
• Entrapment
• Insanity
• Mistake of law
• Duress (i.e., coercion to commit a crime by force or threat of force)

To be convicted of a criminal offense, the prosecution must be able to prove that a person intended to commit the crime they were charged with. Therefore, in situations where intent is in question, an attorney in Greensboro could use this as a potential defense in a criminal case.

Common Criminal Cases in Greensboro

Criminal acts are either charged as felonies or misdemeanors. Additionally, there are certain offenses that may be considered a misdemeanor in one instance and a felony in another depending on several factors. Some of these factors include how many times an offender has previously committed the offense, the damages caused, and the individuals involved in the crime. Some examples of the different types of criminal cases that occur include:

• Driving under the influence (DUI)
• Assault and battery
• Theft
• Domestic violence
• Drug-related offenses
• Gun and weapon crimes
• Sex crimes
• Fraud

When a person faces a criminal charge or conviction, whether it amounts to a misdemeanor or a felony offense, the penalties they may face can have serious ramifications. In any case, those who must appear in court to legally defend themselves against a criminal offense should speak with an experienced defense attorney in Greensboro for assistance. Skilled legal counsel could work with an alleged offender to build a viable legal defense.

How a Greensboro Criminal Defense Attorney Could Help

For those facing a criminal charge or conviction, it can be a stressful and tumultuous time. Whether a case involves a first-time or a repeat offender who has allegedly committed a misdemeanor or a felony offense, each individual case must be handled differently. As such, seeking legal representation from an attorney is highly recommended for those facing any type of criminal charge.

If you or your loved one were recently criminally charged or convicted, do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team of attorneys. One of our Greensboro criminal defense lawyers could review your case and determine what steps to take moving forward. We want to protect your rights and freedom. To get started, call our office, and set up an initial consultation today.

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