Absolutely. It will depend on three factors: facts, legal issues, and your criminal history. If you have favorable facts such as a low BAC, good performance on field sobriety evaluations, no accident involved, and no aggravating factors, then you are more likely to get the DUI charge dropped. If you have legal issues with your case such as an illegal stop, an illegal detention, and illegally obtained BAC results, then you are also more likely to have your charges dropped. If you have no criminal history, then you are more likely to be given a break on the pending charge, but this factor alone is never enough to get a reduction in charges.

Your attorney will do most of the heavy lifting in preparing your defense and presentation for reduced charges. You can always be working on mitigation such as proactively attending a DUI School, getting a drug and alcohol evaluation, and even doing some community service. Mitigation will help in negotiating lesser charges in conjunction with the arguments prepared by your attorney.

Do I Still Need A McDonough DUI Attorney If I’m Going To Plead Guilty?

Yes, you always need an attorney for a DUI charge. Presumably, the reason for not hiring an attorney would be to save money. However, pleading guilty to DUI will likely cost more in the long run than the just retaining an attorney. Plus, what if your attorney found a way to beat the charge? You don’t have to go to trial if you don’t want to, but your attorney could find ways to beat the charge short of trial.

Remember, a guilty plea is permanent since there is no way to have it removed from your record in Georgia. You will have to navigate a license suspension, increased insurance premiums, and other collateral consequences depending on what you do for a living. Ultimately, you may still end up entering a plea to DUI since there are no guarantees when hiring an attorney, but not hiring an attorney guarantees your fate.

What Can A McDonough DUI Attorney Do For You?

I can take your case to trial, can make sure you do not plead to a defensible case, or can make sure you receive a sentence that best reflects any mitigating factors in your case. Even if you feel as though you are factually guilty, you aren’t going to know what legal issues may exist with your case. You won’t know if the breath test could be thrown out due to improper procedures by the officer. You won’t know if the officer conducted the field sobriety tests appropriately. There are so many things that an attorney can do for you. Even if it’s just communicating with you and keeping you informed so that you aren’t stressing out every time you get a court notice in the mail. You also need to be sure you present your mitigation evidence in a way that is persuasive to the judge. Truthfully, most people I see do it on their own have no idea what is important to the judge, but an attorney will know exactly what the judge wants to hear. You won’t regret hiring an attorney on your DUI case. I often tell people not to hire me for a minor traffic ticket because the fine for just paying the ticket will be less than my retainer. That is not the case with a DUI. There are several collateral consequences to a DUI plea that justify hiring a lawyer.

For more information on DUI Laws In Georgia, an initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (470) 728-1725 today.

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